Monday, March 17, 2008


When I first arrived in Australia. I felt very happy and on the other hand. I was worried my future.
I was really excited to see my brother. He left Hong Kong for over ten years before myself. They came to the airport with his wife to meet me. I hadn't see them for a long time since they departed from Hong Kong for their trip. I was delighted to come to Australia because it gave me the impression that most places are very quiet, good atmosphere and that life is easy, compared to Hong Kong . Australia is very different. It's rush hour all the time with lots competition resulting in more stress.
My brother took me to their home at Fairfield Heights. While seated in their car. I was staring at the surrounding views. Land seemed to be flat and very open. At night time, we had numerous conversations about Australia life. My brother said, he enjoyed living in Australia. He also enjoys cooking, therefore he opened his own small Chinese restaurant thats why he likes Australia.
I had to be as joyful as I could before need to consider about my future and the need of knowing my way around.